Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief

On September 6, 2017, 90% of our St. John, US Virgin Islands friends, and family lost their homes and businesses due to the destructive unprecedented Hurricane Irma, the strongest hurricane in recorded history.  Thirteen days later, on September 19, 2017, Hurricane Maria pounded through the island.

Unity of St. John is asking for your help as we start rebuilding our community here on the Caribbean island of St. John, USVI.

Please donate to Unity of St. John today!

Your contribution no matter how great or small, is so very helpful and will go towards food, basic supplies and building materials.  Unity of St. John is an all volunteer non-profit organization and 100% of all donations will go to help St. John families!  Please note that there are no processing fees charged with our donation site and Unity of St. John is a 501 C3 charity organization, so your donations are tax deductible.


The founders of Unity of St. John have experienced many devastating Category 5 and now a Category 6 hurricane over the last 60 years in tropical locations throughout the Caribbean and Florida. Witnessing a hurricane’s strength first hand is not only terrifying but mentally devastating. The feeling of worry that you have when wondering what effects Mother Nature will bring to your life and well-being is overwhelming.  Experiencing and witnessing the aftermath can be even worse.

If you survive a hurricane, being with your neighbors, friends and family is essential to your well-being.  Many people along with their family and  pets are trying to evacuate St. John, USVI but do not have the funds to get a ferry and a flight off the island. Again, federal organizations are trying to help evacuate but have only been able to help a small portion of the population. Unity of St. John is helping to evacuate families but we need your help to continue. We need tax-deductible donations to purchase flights for desperate islanders trying to get to safety and be with their stateside families.


For those survivors who do not have the funds to leave the island and its extreme devastation, the call is great.  Parents and children have started to clean up debris from their damaged homes and fallen trees in their yard.  The feeling of loss is immense when you are forced to throw away wet clothing, linens and sentimental keepsakes destroyed by the storm. Once your home is secure and your family is safe, getting water and food become daily priorities.

There are federal agencies on St. John but they are not prepared to handle the huge extent of damages to the island. Many, many families are left without even the basic supplies necessary for survival.  Many of our friends have gone hungry after standing in line for hours for food, only to find out there is not enough for them.  Your tax-deductible donation will help feed and supply families with basic household necessities and supplies.


Unity of St. John, a paypal non-profit approved charity promotes diversity – We believe that all people are created with sacred worth.  Unity of St. John exists to help transform lives through the use of spiritual principles and practices. We believe life should be lived with a joy-filled heart.

We ask that you graciously please take a few minutes and make a donation that will help the people of St. John, USVI.

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